1 Lot Selection

Endurance Homes will assist you in selecting a potential home site that will meet the requirements of your dream home. It is our belief that each home should be custom designed to fit the lot, ensuring you a truly unique home. We will ask for a non-refundable deposit at this point on the home site that will then be applied to the price of the architectural plans.

2 Initial Floor Plan

You will meet with our architect to design an initial floor plan and front elevation of your new home. We will be there to assist you in all the phases of the design process. You, the architect, and Endurance Homes will discuss all your needs and desires for the home. We do this to ensure all of your expectations are met.

3 Estimation of Price

After you agree on an initial floor plan and front elevation, we discuss the finish details of your home. This is when we will address all aspects of the finish out including appliances, lighting, flooring materials, interior trim, and cabinets. Endurance Homes does this to create a preliminary cost estimate for your new home.

4 Execution of Contract

We will present you with the final price of your home as designed. You will also be provided with allowances to make certain selections for your home. Once the contract is executed, we will move into the building phase.

5 Construction Schedule

Prior to the start of any construction, Endurance Homes will provide you with the final plans and a detailed construction schedule. This schedule will enable you to track the progress of your house and allow you ample time to make selections.

6 Exterior Selections

At the start of construction, you will be asked to select the brick, stone, and stucco for your home. We find that simply driving around and looking at existing homes is the best approach to selecting these materials.

7 Pre-Drywall Inspection

At this stage, you and Endurance Homes will walk through your home to ensure that all plugs, switches, and lights are in the correct location. This inspection also allows you to see all that Endurance Homes does behind the walls to provide Energy Star Rated quality to each home we build.

8 Interior Selections

Our interior designer will guide you through the interior design process and will work directly with you to assist in the selection of your home’s interior finishes.

9 Final Walk-Thru

After the construction phase is over, you and Endurance Homes will walk your home to explain how all the appliances and devices work. Also, this is our opportunity to get your final seal of approval on the craftsmanship of the home.

10 Move In

When we receive your final approval of craftsmanship and all relevant inspections are passed, you will close on the home and move in!